Every one of us has received bad products or poor service at one time or another.  Although I am disappointed and frustrated when poor service is rendered, I have found that the business owner is usually more than willing to apologize and attempt to appease my concerns.  Hey, everyone has a bad day once in a while and/or makes a mistake.

Very few times have I come across actual "bad actors" - people cheating me by intentionally providing poor service or products.  Kevin and Christina Hensarling fit into this category.   Not only did they charge me for some boat repairs they did not do, they stole a battery and tank full of gas while my boat was in their possession.  They have refused to respond to my phone calls (voice mails), texts or emails, therefore I have determined it is appropriate to put this warning online.  I have noticed Kevin also posting his willingness to do "Handyman" services on several online forums.

Kev's Marine Engine Repair
Kevin Hensarling and Christina Hensarling, owners
102 Sturkie Lane, Gaston, SC  29053
Email:  KevinHensarling@yahoo.com
Phone: 803-673-9205
My boat (a Crest III Pontoon) was leaking water from the engine into the bilge area -  I feared a possible cracked block.  I took it to Kevin to repair.  He had recently moved into the area, (previously worked for a marine repair shop in the Charleston area).  He wanted to start his own marine repair company, and I was willing to help him get going.
Kevin indicated that I needed a full bellow replacement, and suggested I also have a complete carburetor rebuild.  Total estimate $772.25.  A couple days later he called me, indicating that the starter should also be replaced, as well as the head gaskets.  Total estimate was a little under $1000.  I told him to go for it.  I had bought the boat used, and had no problem making sure that everything was in top condition.
On Thursday, May 14, 2015 I picked up the boat, and immediately noticed that a battery was missing.  Kevin was not there, and I pointed out the missing battery to Christina.  She told me she would discuss it with Kevin and get back to me.  He texted me within the hour, indicating that he had removed the battery to recharge it, and would return it to me.  This was the last message I received from Kevin or Christina.  Not only did they not return my battery, but did not respond to several voice mails, texts and emails.  They also refused to come to the door when I went to their home to discuss the missing battery.
I had picked up the boat on Thursday, May 14th.  I put it in the water on Saturday, May 16.  Upon starting it, I realized water was still pouring out of the engine.  Closer inspection revealed that Kevin did not replace my starter (and another repair facility later verified that the head gaskets had not been replaced, bellows had not been replaced nor carburetor rebuilt). Kevin had not done any of the items for which he had charged me.
The 2nd (established) repair facility determined that my problem was caused because a Freeze Plug had popped out - a $20 part.  They also verified that Kevin had not done any of the work he had said was done.
I was finally able to get the boat into the water, and it ran smoothly with the work done by the 2nd repair facility.  It was then that I realized that Kevin had also siphoned almost 20 gallons of gas out of my tank.
Do not trust Kevin Hensarling or Christina Hensarling to do any kind of work for you.
Review by Glenn Oster
Owner, LakeMurrayFun.com
email:  Info@LakeMurrayFun.com
phone: 803-361-2739
This review was created on June 14, 2015, a month after I picked up my "repaired" boat from Kevin and Christina Hensarling.  They still have not responded to any of my voice mails, texts or emails, and have scammed me out of over $1,000 of undone work, missing battery and stolen gas.  I have initiated legal action, but also want to inform others of these "bad actors".  You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.
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