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Advertising information
(also see our FAQs below) has become the top search destination on the Internet for everything having to do with Lake Murray and the surrounding areas of South Carolina.  Thousands of potential customers (227,479 pages visited in 2016) turn to each season, looking for businesses which can help them with their boating, fishing, and other recreational needs.

During the summer months, we have over 6,000 page views each week, almost 1,000 per day - all from people looking specifically for Lake Murray related services and products - many of these people are looking specifically for YOUR services and products.  Your business, therefore, needs to be listed on!

FREE LISTINGS!  There is no charge for your basic business information to be listed on  If your business is Lake Murray related, I want to know about it!  Unlike those websites which only list businesses for a fee, it is my goal to have the most comprehensive listing of Lake Murray area businesses on the web.  Please send your business information to, and I will list your basic information free. If you want to include your website address and/or a tagline (10-20 words describing your business), the cost is $25/year.
PAID ADVERTISEMENTS!  In order to cover my costs in maintaining this site (and hopefully make a profit!), I offer the opportunity for you to promote your business above your competitors through paid advertisements.  For only $200/year I will put your logo and up to 50 descriptive words at the top of the page of the page of your choice.  Please email your information to, and I will bill you when your information is online.  Please feel free to call me at 361-2739 if you have questions.
  • Greatest online visibility for your company. is listed higher in Internet search results for more Lake Murray terms than any other website.  You have a greater chance of being seen on than on any other website (even your own website!).
  • Specific target group.  People coming to are looking specifically for Lake Murray information. 
  • No crowded ad pages.  We believe that if you pay for advertising, your information should stand out from the crowd.

QUESTIONS?  Contact me!
If you have any questions about this website or advertising on this website, please email me at or call me at 803-361-2739. 
Thanks!!!!  Glenn Oster, owner

How do I get my free listing on
If you own a business providing services or products to fishermen, boaters or lake lovers, send your information to  We will need your business name, street address & city, phone number and/or email address.  Also let us know which category we should put you in (or if we should create a new category!). If you want to include a website address and/or tagline (10-20 words about your business), the cost is only $25/year.
Why don't you charge a fee to list Lake Murray business information?
The more comprehensive this web site is, the more likely people will use it as their main source of Lake Murray information.  We want to provide a central clearing house for all Lake Murray information - something which we have found difficult to find on other web sites which limit information to only those who pay a fee.
Why is there a charge for Realtors, if not for other businesses?
We charge a fee to list realtors because they don't provide a service that is unique to lake users.  Furthermore, it is not difficult for a prospective home buyer/seller to find a realtor to meet their needs.  We are offering a page for Realtors as a benefit for them, rather than as a benefit for our viewers.  For only $50/year, realtors have the opportunity to get some extra exposure to the thousands of our web site visitors who love the lake life, and may be interested (now or in the future) in selling or purchasing lake property. 
Am I allowed to advertise on a page not related to my business?
Yes, you are!  We have found that many people looking for a specific product or service will take advantage of services offered by other companies (e.g., a visitor to our "Parks" page are likely to also rent a boat or visit a local restaurant.).
Can I advertise on the front (main) page?
We do have a limited number of sponsorships available on the front page - please call us for pricing.
Are there any businesses which are not allowed to advertise? is a "family-oriented" service, and all listings must fall within this criteria. We also limit the free listings to only local businesses.   We reserve the right to determine if any listing is inappropriate for posting to 
How long does my advertisement run?
The free business listings will not expire.  All Paid Advertisements run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.  We will begin taking new orders for Paid Advertisements beginning January 1st of each year.
Will I get a discount if I purchase several years of advertising?
We do not offer discounts for multi-year purchases of our Paid Advertisements and the listings on the Real Estate page.  Multi-year purchases, however, will protect you against possible rate increases.
Who do I contact to post interesting information about Lake Murray on
Not only do we want to list businesses on this website, but also interesting lake information.  Please send an email with the information to  Please do not send copyrighted information (although you can send us a link to that information).  We reserve the right to determine what is appropriate and/or interesting to be posted on
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please send an email to or call Glenn Oster at 803-361-2739.
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